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About Us at Sidepatch


Imagine if you will, Internet Highway 1,

Along Internet Highway 1, there’s a place,

A place where everyone is your friend,

A place where you are never forgotten,

A place called ……



Copyright 2018


Hello, I’m Bill Stromire, Founder of Sidepatch.


If you’ve come this far, you’re probably asking questions like the following:

·         What is Sidepatch all about?  What purpose does it serve?  Looks like some website community that just wants to advertise to me.

·         All my friends are on other sites.  What reasons do I have to join a site like this? 

·         What are you doing for me? 

·         What is different from what I currently use?  What features are available?

·         Where is the site?  More specifically, where are you?

·         How are you doing this?

·         When are you doing this?


Those are some pretty good questions you have and they deserve answers.  So, how about we take it from the top:


1.      Sidepatch is all about you, supporting you, your hopes and dreams, and being of service to you!  We want to provide you the opportunity for an online community while regaining privacy and security in your emailing and other communications.  In my opinion, the way any website starts out is how it will continue into the future.  One site out there started out comparing who was hot or not.  The site has lost the trust of its members but for the most part, the members have nowhere else to go.  While the Boomers and Generation X still tend to continue on more comfortable paths, the Millennial Generation coming up is a whole new demographic which wants to be better parents than their own.  They are very sharing and private all at the same time.  I think all of these generations; each in its own right is great!  I want the people of these generations including the one before, which is passing away very quickly, and those to come to be able to pass on their wisdom and stories to their descendants in the far future. Many of my loved ones have passed far too early. Do you know what I would give to hear each of their stories in their own words, pictures, and videos?  There is no greater gift that you can give your loved ones and descendants than this. Believe me each would give almost anything to hear the voice of their mother or father again, albeit by recording or video stored here.  All that need be done to accomplish this is for you to be yourself; we will take care of the rest.


2.      You’re absolutely right!  Your friends are on others sites.  However we feel that you’ll find our site offerings to be outstanding.  So outstanding, that being the leader you are, you will want to tell all your friends to join us as well.  As you come to know this site, you’ll find that it can be used as a control center from which you can access all other community sites where you are also a member.  Soon, for as we speak and are working on it, you’ll be able to migrate content from your other site profiles to Sidepatch.com.  Also, aren’t you a little tired about the information you discuss in your emails showing up on your social page?  Wouldn’t you like to regain a little of your online privacy?  Still, don’t you want to participate in those online groups you like?  Do you get tired of the same site?  Please don’t think we want to take you away from your current site.  We’re not competing with current sites.  We want to supplement and enhance your experiences.  Problem is, some of the sites are becoming too big and people are losing interest.  One site out there has over a trillion members but its membership is falling with those remaining being mostly of the Boomer Generation.  More is needed to hold interest and engagement.  I think one of the biggest reasons for joining us is that it strengthens your on line presence to be involved in more than one community site and having fun!  Why do I say fun?  Because, if you’re not having fun, you need to be doing something else.


3.      We’re giving you options.  We’re providing you a free profile in an online community, which does have advertising spots.  Sorry, but we do have to pay for the site and earn our keep in some manner.  We’re providing you the option of upgrading and having a subscription email address and service for a small monthly fee, $5.00.  Your emails will never be scanned and nothing in your emails will show up being advertised to you.  While emails will be deleted after a period of your choosing, nothing in your profile will ever be deleted.  Unless you delete information or the profile yourself, your profile will be there such that descendants, relatives, and others will be able to see what you are all about. You need not do anything.


4.      We will have contest and other events for engaging you and your friends.  The landing page will always be different, a scene from somewhere along our Internet Highway 1.  Members provide the photos and we will select ones to be shown on the page.  There’s a suggestion box through which we want your feedback on how we’re doing and what you want to see.  After all, this is your site.  We’re just the humble servants.  Games are always something which people like.  We are looking for some great ones from out there among you.  There’s a Fashion section and a Recipe Box for those culinary arts enthusiasts.  Flowers will be available for sending to one another.  You’ll be able to edit pictures with tools that we give you and be able to import your favorite photos from your other site profiles.  There will even be a living family tree.  Local weather is available along with a section for writers, and a Music Portal.  There is a Courses section where you can teach something about what you know or learn something new.  You can access Sidepatch using your Apple iPhone or Android cell phone.  As time progresses, we will continue to add other features.


5.      Our main office is located at: Sidepatch, LLC, 3 Orange Dr., Middleburg, VA 20117 with a mailing address of:  P O Box 2182, Middleburg, VA 20118-2182 Phone:  888 391-3054


6.      Development of the site started in February 2018.  After inviting an initial audience to review and give us feedback, we’ll kick promotion of the site to the next level.  Join us on the adventure!