SidePatch Readme

1. You can set up your internet email by clicking on the email icon:

2. With Email Module, we can create Email ID with side patch server. You can quickly arrange and find important messages using starred messages.

3. Open your Email

4. In the left side bar, Click Compose, a New Email Box opens.

5. Specify Recipient Addresses, To, CC , BCC, Subject and Email Content.

6. Add Multiple Attachments, Save Draft, Add Link, Image, Emoticons, Insert Media and Formatting Text using Text Editor.

7. Confidential Mode can be set ON / OFF for Securing the Messages.

8. For Confidential Messaging, we can set Expiry date for the message to be viewed by the Recipient.

9. SMS Pass code can be set for opening the messages.

10. After The Expiry date, the message cannot be viewed by the Recipient.

11. You can flag Important messages by Starred Messages

12. Sent Mail, Drafts and Sent Mails can be Organised and viewed.

13. Password can be changed by Clicking Settings

14. Email Module is secured with IP address and cannot be accessed with the other IP address and that need authentication.

15. If IP address changed, Email Access can be authorized by authenticating the Mobile Number Pass Code.