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SidePatch LLC

Your Strategic Risk-Share Business Solutions Facilitator and Partner with over 40 years of domestic and international experience.

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Strategic Business Facilitation

This is a strategically positioned support at the right place and time for your organization causing minimal disruption to your daily work and focusing with analytical methods on optimizing and solving current and future strategic and operative demands and their challenges along the entire value chain while guaranteeing your individual and business goals delivering the success of your business units, teams and company. The focus thereby is on the analysis and evaluation of existing infrastructures, relationships, methods, processes, documentation, resources and corporate objectives, targets, goals and expected deliverables without causing imbalances and disturbances that can negatively affect your daily business during this time while finding the appropriate tangible, quantitative hands-on solutions and roadmaps to your challenges. The result will be a dynamic change management approach facilitated from within the workforce and a productive and timely implementation of the recommendations delivering continuous self-improvement and guidance throughout the entire organization and partners.

SidePatch LLC

Offers an international analytical approach designed to optimize your organizational usage and management of relationships, processes, methods, services, and commodities maximizing "value" and guaranteeing corporate Buy-in, total customer satisfaction and your business success.

We offer solutions and analysis for your business needs such as:

Benchmark, market and feasibility studies, process analysis, supplier audits and profiling, performance management measurement and matrix development, strategy planning (including sales and marketing), project management, baselining, RFI and RFP development and analysis, contract negotiations/management, training, presentations, international business and compensation management and moreā€¦

Strategic Business Facilitation What it is:

An analytical approach designed to optimize your organizational usage and management of relationships, services and commodities while maximizing "value" and guranteeing total customer satisfaction.


To provide you and your partners the ability to generate, maintain and manage integrated and leveraged long term domestic and international strategic business goals and plans for each organization and their business units, enabling them to be best in class.

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Significant reduction in total cost of business (apx.10-20%) within 6-10 months and total reduced overhead for vendor/project management initatives.

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Reduction in total cost of business.


Increased quality of goods and services.


Centralized management of relationships/contracts.


Quantitative/measurable results and unified quality models.


Strategically targeted value added deliverables to customers.

Future cost

Predictable future cost/quality deliverables.

Time planning

Reduced planning times and production phases.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Enhanced customer satisfaction - Guaranteed deliverables.


Greater flexibility of the organization to respond to customer/market needs.


SidePatch LLC will bring the required skills to your organization to transition existing partnerships to a dynamic, strategic, cross-functional and international/multi cultural partnering environment. We value your existing (and new) contacts and relationships, and will help them to understand and embrace the core drivers and expectations during this transition.

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