Bill Stromire

I’ve founded Sidepatch, LLC with the idea of being of service to people and helping them achieve their goals. I have over 45 years of extensive experience in both the commercial and military sectors, a master's degree in business management, and expertise in operations and logistics. I’ve chosen the people on my team very carefully. We have proficiencies in strategic/tactical planning, operations management, policy/procedure development, marketing, and resources management. Always willing to help, our Wizzor and Wizzorchat apps are the first step in showing The Better Way.

Henri-Pierre Hirts

HP is a US citizen with more than 35 years of international management experience as CEO, COO, VP, and Director. He has worked for such companies as Intel, Allstate, Northrop Grumman, Alaska Airlines, Deloitte and Learjet to mention a few. HP graduated Suma Cum Laude from Ohio University as a Political Economist and spent time in Washington and the White House. His exceptional skills in international operations, change management, consulting, and business development are unique to the industry, and making him an invaluable asset to our organization.

Kate Breiner

A graduate of George Mason University with a degree in Government and International Politics, Kate brings a lot of insight to the table. Through managing multiple horse facilities, and two Virginia wineries, she has managed to turn both positions into International successes. Marketing within the ever competitive wine industry she has given her great insight into continuous marketing requirements. Her experiences lead to developing a market for Spanish horses between Spain and the United State. Kate is fearless as she goes forth on a project.